In early 90’s the concept of fashion and beauty was different in fashion industry. Apparels were designed for specific size of people and they were the definition of beauty. Only those people were considered beautiful who get fit in those outfits whereas the womens of plus size clothing felt these brands don’t want us in their stores and left out. Nowadays, the buzz of body positivity risen, fashion industry and brands also delved to introduce plus size clothing for curvy people. Here are essential facts for plus size clothing.

Think of a plus size woman who had a great sense of style, fashion and she also possess the money to spend on apparels but the only problem she faces is that she couldn’t find any clothing store from where she can purchase clothing of her size. It often happens if a plus size woman is going with her friends, but she is locked out, she is unable to buy as she wishes to feel the same like other women. She wants to look sexy, fun or lovely dresses whether she has to wear to a club, the gym or a job interview. Keeping in view the plus size women, these brands are surged in clothing stocking solely plus-size clothing, but many established women's-wear companies also offer now dedicated plus-size departments.

UK Plus Size Sectors:

When it comes to UK fashion industry, they have divided their plus-size sector into two sectors, one is the specialist plus-size brands which serves only the plus-size customer and the second is the generalist plus-size brands which have extended their sizing ranges to include plus-size options. The most interesting feature of plus-size clothing in the UK is its presentation when they are compared to the general women's-wear and menswear markets. 

Putting an End to Body Shaming:

Prestigious brands are increasingly promoting the body confidence and supporting the key fashion influencers to normalize the plus-size women and it’s also encouraging online ladies plus size curve clothing. All the brands are promoting the Plus-sized women shouldn’t think of themselves as a size instead they should think of themselves as worthy women.

Plus size models:

We cannot only give credit to the fashion industry for introducing the plus size clothing, perhaps credit has to be attributed to the plus-size models, brands and the fashion show organizers for their collaboration. World has seen the flow of plus-size and the plus size models and influences have great assistance to the growth of the sector.

Influence of social media:

Digital marketing and social media advertising help the people in improving the awareness and accessibility to plus-size fashion for everyday users of Instagram and Facebook. Well Facebook and Instagram Shop is making shopping easier to buy online without visiting the store physically, whereas most of the plus size retailers are capitalizing and channeling their marketing efforts onto this platform. Social media advertising is also helping to bring plus-size clothing to a younger demographic.

 “Before, we were told to hide away, wear a sack, not wear a spectacle of ourselves,” says Vanier.

Swimwear and Bikini:

Summer is all about beach, cruise and cocktail party, bikinis and swimwear are in. It’s a perception bikini can be worn with a body of 36, 24, 36. Brands exclusively design mesmerizing sequence bikinis so their customers look shiny, sexy and hot but they were worn by certain type of body. Now brands have taken initiate for the curvy women, we also see versatility in bikinis for plus size women too. They can feel the same like others. They can enjoy their pool party too with these exotic bikinis and swimwear beside of their sizes.

Jeans and denims:

Jeans and denims are considered one of the essentials in anyone’s wardrobe. They can be worn at any occasions and give a twist to their looks. For instance, if anyone is going out with friends, they can just simply pick any top and jeans “you are ready for going”. However, nowadays a lot of denim and jean brands have fits that are marked “curvy”. It means that they are constructed for the curvy or plus size people. These denim and jeans have stretchy fabric and they have low rise which is easy to adjustable according to curvy body.


Jumpsuits are one of those dresses which every woman want in their closet. Play suits and jumpsuits come in different styles and spice up your look. Jumpsuits and play suites are usually fitted from the waist and from the legs they are flattering. Plus size women can also wear jumpsuits, so they can jump into the fashion parade. It is very important the length and size of the jumpsuit need to be perfect according to your size. It’s for both skinny and plus size woman. One can wear these jumpsuits for casual going and formal party. Jumpsuits are worn all seasons.


Skirts always give woman sexy and elegant appearance weather you are at work place or at the party. In skirts ladies flaunt their curves and look alluring. For curvy women, semi fitted skirts are perfect they slightly show your curves and show off your waistline, can be worn with button up top with deep neckline. Loose skirts with fitted top also give you an amazing look in casual style.


There are many styles in dresses like midi dresses, jumper dress, maxi dress and many more. Italy clothing for womens look elegant for formal dinners and casual wears. It is important that a plus size dress highlights the most desirable curves of the body while covering those which are less attractive all the way from shoulders, bust to the knees.

Now plus sized shopper is motivated by the business retailers and big brands and they are bringing positive change in the sizes of their apparels to cover all sizes of women so no one felt left out. Click here to know more about plus size clothing and it’s every women’s dream to look beautiful keeping this in consideration.